Vinicius reveals he’s sorry to see Walker injured.

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Brazil attacker Vinicius Junior reveals he is sad to see England right-back Kyle Walker. Was injury and substituted in a warm-up game last Saturday.

    The game at Wembley was Brazil army that won 1-0. Walker was substitute from the field in the 20th minute of the game. And it was report that he had a thigh muscle injury. Behind And it is not yet know how long he will have to recover.

    The Real Madrid star, who plays on the left and has to duel directly. Said he was sad to see Walker injured and unable to continue playing สมัคร ufabet. Ready to praise the players from Manchester City as the strongest opponent they have ever faced.

    Asked about Walker being substitute after 20 minutes. Vinicius said: “It’s sad, every time a footballer walks off the field with an injury it’s really sad. Not just for the players But it includes all of us on the field.”

    “We want to play against the best competitors. I always say He is the best defender I have ever played against and it is always a good duel.’

    “He respects me and I have the utmost respect for him. We both fought for our side with the greatest passion in the world.”