7 Popular tourist attractions in Singapore

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Singapore is known as the color of Asia. It is an estuary that welcomes travelers from the west to the eastern peninsula. It’s a city of great contrasts in culture, beliefs, art and technology. Small island country The island has attractions at almost every corner. The search engine we have compiled a list of points of interest. And is popular in Singapore in recent years. Will it be any tourist attractions? Let’s see.

Marina Bay

Singapore’s estuary waterfront tourist spot It is home to luxury shops. five star restaurant Brand-name stores, cinemas, premier theaters and resorts – the world-famous casino Marina Bay Sands at this estuary. It is the heart of the city and is the connection point to other attractions in the city. And not far from the giant Ferris wheel (Singapore Flyer), said to be the other side of the London Eye in Asia.

Marina Bay Sands

This five-star resort by the bay It is known as the national building project of Singapore ever. Because in addition to having 3 large hotels connect to each other. It is also regard as a great entertainment center. Because there are international casinos. The Sands Sky Park, the world’s tallest outdoor luxury swimming pool, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, shopping centers, brand name stores from around the world. Ice skating rink The world’s first Art Science Museum It is considered the main tourist attraction. That if you are visiting Singapore then you should not miss it. ยูฟ่าเบท

Clarke Quay

It is a leading “eating-drinking” source with well-known restaurants and pubs. It is located at the mouth of the river in Singapore. Whether you’re thinking of trying the famous Chilli Crab delicious fried chicken or spicy Mexican food And whether it’s day or night This restaurant will not disappoint you. Or if you’re thinking of sipping a cold beer and listening to chill music. Pub goodies divided into different music genres. There are many to cater to all tastes of music of visitors.


he once agricultural road was littered with pepper and spice plantations. But now it has become Singapore’s main shopping street, a 2.2 kilometer route filled with shops, restaurants, hotels, leading department stores. Whether you’re looking for the best Chinese traditional honey-baked pork chops. or the latest season’s fashion Goodies shop on this Orchard Road. There is a choice for you to visit. And shop with pleasure and will not be disappointed for sure.

Sri Mariamman Temple

Singapore’s oldest ancient Hindu temple Located in China Town (China Town) or what Thai people popularly call “Wat Khaek Singapore” around the temple building, both inside and outside. There will be colorful sculptures and carvings of mythical gods, goddesses and beasts. It is believed that if you walk clockwise around the ubosot of the temple to make an odd number, you will be lucky and during October – November every year. There will be a tradition of wading fire Timiti (Timiti) is an important festival of the year of this temple.

Tooth Relic Buddha Temple

Chinese temple of Tang dynasty mixed with mandala art It towers in China Town, where the temple’s top floor houses the Buddha’s relics in a gold stupa weighing more than 320 kilograms, which has been donated by devotees. In addition, within the temple there is also a small Buddhist museum. for the worshipers to study and visit as well

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

Guanyin Chao Mae Temple It is believed that if you go to make a wish, it will be fulfilled. It is therefore not surprising that you will see crowds of people queuing to worship at the temple. And if you believe in superstitions This temple is known for being extremely accurate. Due to the large number of people who came to worship Therefore, photography is prohibited inside the temple. And if the temple staff comes to collect your incense from the pot after you put it in. so that the next worshiper can have an incense stick So don’t be angry with him.