5 Shopping Spots in America That should not be missed

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Many youngsters who have plans to go to America Whether you go to school, work, or travel, you may be wondering. Where to go shopping In the US, each city has a regular shopping mall. It is a collection of shops. The number of brands available depends on the size of the department store. If you want to shop a lot It is recommend to go to a larger city. Because big cities will have big shopping malls. There will be more shops or brands to choose from. If you don’t want to go to the big city, you can shop at Drug stores, similar to a typical convenience store. but sells more than medicine It’s almost complete สมัคร ufabet.

no matter what kind of product you are interest in this city of liberty has everything you need. For this place to shop in America We will divide into 5 main categories which are Strip Mall, Outlet Mall, Specialty Store, Dollar Store and Groceries Store.

Strip Mall

Strip Mall looks like several stores lined up in one line. or L-shape. There is a pedestrian path ahead. is driving from the road Saw the shop and turned to park. Get out of the car and enter the shop. Most of the customers are residents around that area. meet the needs of local people You don’t have to drive far to buy Strip Mall stuff. Get it from the land allotment. by blocking at the corner of the road to make a shop instead of making a house Because it is made into shops, it will be profitable and can make use of the area more cost-effectively. The owner is the seller himself. Make it friendly to customers. Strip Mall can be small, such as a gas station or a bank. Or a little bigger, there will be restaurants, barbershops, video shops, etc.

2 Outlet Mall

An Outlet Mall is a store that sells products directly from the manufacturer. selling second-hand Out of season products. Customer returned. Defective items. Overstock. But still in good condition. Prices are 30-80% cheaper than in department stores. Outlets are usually at least 20 miles away from the city, but are located along the main highway, which is easy to get to. Already in the main city, the Outlet Mall has cheap and good stuff. Let’s hurry to embroider.

Specialty Store

Specialty Store is a specialty store. America has the most specialty stores in the world. Because Americans have purchasing power, openness, and dare to be different. There are many small business owners. So dare to risk selling things that you like. or think it can be sold An example of a large store that has many branches across the country is Sporting goods stores such as REI, Sport Chalet, pet stores such as Pet Co, Pet Smart, toy stores such as Toy R Us, electronics stores such as Circuit City, Best Buy, and many others around the world. every city

Dollar Store

Dollar Store is a store that sells all items for the same price, which is $1, hence the name of the store. From food, stationery, children’s toys, car wash supplies, cosmetics, kitchen utensils, toiletries, festive decorations, and more, the quality of the products is decent. especially if there is a party People will come to buy here because there are plates, bowls, spoons, forks, cheap plastic tablecloths that can be used once and thrown away.

5 Groceries Store America

Groceries Store is America’s largest grocery store with branches all over the state. And in almost every city, there are two big names that everyone knows about: Walmart and Target. It’s a symbol of American shopping. Americans like to buy groceries, food, fresh products from the Groceries Store, similar to Big-C Tesco lotus in our home.

Is it enough to be a guideline for shoppers? for today’s information In addition to shopping for yourself Don’t forget to shop for your family, relatives, friends because of some things here. For example, brand-name items are much cheaper than in Thailand. There are many food items and department stores. It can be said that it covers almost all areas. Prices range from extremely cheap to extremely expensive as well, and if you’re not satisfied, you can get a full refund. Just wish it was in good condition. There is a receipt confirming that it was actually purchased from there. and not later than the specified date of the shop because of this Shopping in the US is a real shopper’s paradise.