One of the obvious pluses of online slots is the chance to win a good reward without putting in a lot of effort. As a rule, video slots are simple and straightforward, because each round is started by a simple click of a button.

By changing the bet level, you increase or decrease the number of coins wagered on each bet line. The coin denomination, in turn, determines the denomination of one coin in your total bet per spin. Thus, you have a more flexible choice of the total amount of the bet that you want to place.

For example, by choosing a coin denomination of € 0.01, you can increase the stake level, reaching, say, a total stake of € 0.40 per spin. This is interesting and important because the denomination of a € 0.40 coin does not exist, but thanks to these tools, you can set exactly that size of the bet if you want.

What are the reels in real money slot games?

To put it simply, these are vertical rows with symbols on the playing field, which (each individually) rotate every time you place a bet. Whether you win something in a round or not is determined by the sequential combination of symbols dropped out on the reels.

Classic slot machines had only three reels, but over time, their number increased to five, seven and even more!

In fact, today it is the five-reel slot games that are considered the standard for casinos, as they give more possible combinations than the traditional three-reel “one-armed bandits”.

Real money jackpot

When the reels have stopped spinning, jackpot symbols may appear on the top rows. If they land on all three reels above the stacks of winning symbols, you will hit one of the three jackpots. Which one you get will determine the smallest jackpot symbol. For example: if three Mega Jackpot symbols dropped out at once, you will receive Mega Jackpot; if you hit two Mega Jackpot symbols and one Midi Jackpot symbol, you will receive a Midi Jackpot; if you hit one Mega Jackpot, one Midi Jackpot and one Mini Jackpot, you will receive a Mini Jackpot.

If three jackpot symbols land on a payline, you will receive the jackpot according to the same rules as listed above. Mini Jackpot, Midi Jackpot and Mega Jackpot are fixed. Their size in coins is x40, x200 and x100000 of the bet level, respectively.