I love teaching and see it as strictly connected to research.

I have taught courses at different levels (BA, low and upper division, Master and post-graduate) and of different kinds in Italy, the US, and now in the UK, ranging from ancient languages (both Greek and Latin) to history (both Greek and Roman), archaeology and papyrology. I am confortable with leading large classes (e.g. ab. 400 students enrolled in History of Western Civilization in the US, ab. 120 enrolled in the Roman Republic course in Manchester) as well as small seminars (e.g. seminars in papyrology for graduates students in the US and the UK).

In Manchester, I mostly teach Egypt in the Graeco-Roman World (2nd year, BA), Roman history (Republic 1st year BA, and Empire 2nd year BA), Advanced Ancient Greek language, and graduate seminars in Papyrology.

I have supervised BA and Master dissertations on Graeco-Roman Egypt, Roman history, and the history of Christianity.

Master dissertations recently supervised include C. Mowatt, Anatomy of a Codex: P.Ryl. 1 28 (Manchester 2013), and W. Mundy, Petitions from Euhemeria: a re-examination of some documentary papyri in the John Rylands Library (Manchester 2013).

I am currently supervising William Mundy’s PhD dissertation on the Egyptian village of Euhemeria in first century AD and its papyri, many of which are held in the John Rylands Library. 

Mummy portrait from Hawara 2263, courtesy of the Manchester Museum.
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